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Financing of international trade includes such activities as lending, issuing letters of credit, export credit and insurance. Knowledge of these processes is essential for anyone working in an international trade environment responsible for ensuring payment on time, financing and overall efficient trade performance.

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Aim Spa Deutschland GmbH leads in the financial service industry in providing bank instruments BG Bank Guarantee and Standby Letters of Credit SBLC issued with prime rated banks for clients world Wide. We leverage our relationships with a wide variety of financial institutions and investors to provide the most favorable structure.

  • SBLC Standby Letter of Credit
  • BG Bank Guarantee
  • SWIFT MT 759 - MT 760
  • Bank Instruments BG SBLC Monetization

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SBLC Standby Letter of Credit

A Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC / SLOC) is a guarantee that is made by a bank on behalf of a client, which ensures payment will be made even if their client cannot fulfill the payment. Financial standby letters of credit ensure financial contractual obligations are fulfilled. An SBLC is frequently used as a safety mechanism for the beneficiary, in an attempt to hedge out risks associated with the trade.

BG Bank Guarantee

A bank guarantee is when a lending institution promises to cover a loss if a borrower defaults on a loan. Bank guarantees are frequently used in international trade and ensure both sides in a contractual agreement from credit risk.

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Aim Spa Deutschland GmbH - Providers of Financial Instruments

Aim Spa Deutschland GmbH provides financial and commercial finance services. We offer financial instruments which includes (BG) Bank Guarantee, (SBLC) Standby Letter of Credit.

Credit Financing

Flexible financing for strategic projects, We offer flexible and tailor-made credit financing for strategic projects always tailored to your needs and the requirements of the banking market.

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